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Esterházy Palace Exhibitions

Esterházy Palace Exhibitions


Palace Tour

Take a look at the exhibition „The apartment of the Princess“, the Palace Chapel and the world famous Haydnsaal.

The palace tour shows the magnificent apartment of the Esterházy wives and provides a glimpse into the lives and worlds of three charismatic ladies: Maria Josefa Hermenegilda, née Princess Liechtenstein, passionate patroness of Joseph Haydn; Maria Theresia, née Princess von Thurn und Taxis, lionized beauty at the Congress of Vienna, and Lady Sarah Child-Villiers.

Meet personalities from the past and discover the fascinating and moving stories of their loves, marital bliss and troubles. The palace chapel and the Haydnsaal – world-famous for its acoustics – are further highlights of this tour.

Haydn Ticket

The Haydn ticket includes two exhibitions and compellingly captures the life of Joseph Haydn, and the music, festivals and lifestyle at the Esterházy court.

Joseph Haydn served the Esterházy princes as Hofkapellmeister and composer for over 40 years. The famous maestro, “father of the String Quartet” and “virtuoso of the ensemble”, composed masses, operas, symphonies, chamber music and Hausmusik for the aristocratic family. These included the legendary “Emperor” Quartet that was played for the very first time in Eisenstadt in 1797.

The Haydn Ticket includes:

Haydn explosive
Interactive displays, projections and superb exhibits convey the life of this musical genius – from his beginnings in Eisenstadt, through his stardom in London to his later work. The show also traces his impact as a composer both then and now. Visitors can admire some of the maestro’s personal and professional documents and original instruments, such as the fortepiano belonging to his patroness Princess Maria Josefa Hermenegilde.

Highlights of Esterházy Palace
The permanent Highlights exhibition presents exquisite objects from the Esterhazy collection and offers glimpses of how the princes lived and celebrated. Major attractions include the Esterházy dynasty’s silverware (the world’s largest surviving Empire silver service produced by Würth in Vienna) and the last known console table from the workshops of Giuseppe Briati in Venice.

The exhibition also offers fascinating insights into how the palace was built. In some places the historic walls and floors have been uncovered, revealing many layers of history and a detailed glimpse of the architecture through 300 years.

With the Haydn Ticket you can also visit the Haydnsaal.


Melinda Esterházy - Life has given me so much

The exhibition about Princess Melinda Esterházy (1920— 2014) traces the stages in the life of an extraordinary woman. Melinda Ottrubay started dancing as a young bourgeois girl, enjoyed an exceptional career at the Budapest Opera House before finally marrying Prince Paul Esterházy V.

As a visitor you can directly experience Melinda Esterházy as an authentic character, both in her career at the opera and in her personal life. You will have glimpses of a life full of highs and lows, her ambitious career and her personal world away from the stage.

Beyond the “fairy-tale character”, you will get to know a strong personality who grew with the tasks that life presented. Room by room you can walk through the life of Melinda Ottrubay as if through an opera. You will get to know the protagonist in her early life, as a trainee and prima ballerina assoluta, and later as a princess

The exhibition in five acts takes you through the life of the last prince couple Melinda and Paul Esterházy V as if on a stage.

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